The Way The Story Goes

Maybe in some other country
Maybe there's a man who can relate
To how I feel
I bet he's real

Maybe he looks just like me
Maybe he is 43
With slightly darker skin
Drinks chamomile

Maybe like me he has a picture of his lost love
Hidden away in the drawer of his night stand
Maybe we've been writing the same story and we cannot comprehend
This is how the story's gonna end
Because this is how the story's always ends

Maybe on some other planet
Maybe there's another man
About to understand
The way I feel

Maybe he sort of looks like me
But he is 33
And has six-fingered hands
And sex appeal

Maybe he still has pictures of his love
Hanging on the wall directly above her
Maybe he is writing the same story though we're light years apart
And that's just how the story always starts
That's the way the story always starts

Maybe in some other universe
There is a man who can reverse
The flow of time
Maybe he once looked like me
But now he is 23
And sharper in the mind

Maybe he's taking pictures of his love
Fully aware of how everything will end up
Maybe he keeps writing the same story even though he knows
Exactly how the story's gonna go
Because this is how the story always goes
That's just how the story always goes