My wife gave me a challenge ..

... and so this song was written and recorded in 4 hours.

i adore the way you laugh
by pressing your tongue up against
your upper two front teeth
and blowing air out underneath
as your smile subdivides
your lips curl up more on one side than the other
in a stunning display of assymmetry

your bells palsy
is adorable to me

i adore how when a song comes on
you cannot help but sing along
dancing in the passenger seat
and clapping on the one and three
but when i see how good it makes you feel
i start to tap the steering wheel
along in inappropriate time

elaine benis would agree
you dance adorably

tomorrow we will wake 
and raise our curtains to the day
and to the smell of fresh espresso beans
and you'll turn on the tv
to nbc's meet the press
or sunday morning on cbs
with all them talking brains
discussing wars and missing planes
and in my head i will replay
how in your nonchalant way
you told the world on facebook
i was your slave for a day

and how you made me write this song
how it was fun to play along
and how i am so blessed 
to be next 
to your adorableness