Skeleton Woman

Skeleton woman in my dreams
Long ago cast out to sea and now she's
Living among fishies sand and seaweed
Ripped off all her jewelry that fateful day
Burned all her money or gave it away
She was missing
I snagged her fishing
Now I'm wishing she would stay

So the stories are told
That only she knows
Where all the love goes

Skeleton woman how could it be?
The treasure's still buried and you're here with me
No fish have I caught but still I'm happy
So I decide to untangle the line
First her toes then her ankles on into the night
And as she lay there in a pile
I kissed her skeleton smile

The holes in the front of her skull
Where her eyes used to go
Put me under control

I placed my fate in the hands of the lady
Just so I would not offend her
I wish I could say that she apprehended me
But I surrendered

Skeleton woman
From down underneath and not up above
Skeleton woman
Life, death, life, love